Matsutec Marine AIS Buoy Tracker 8w 15nm + 1.1m VHF Antenna SOS Button HAB-150S

AIS Fishing net Tracking Buoy / AIS Identifier for small vessel + external 1.1m antenna + SOS ButtonModel: HAB-150S FEATURE:1. Professional reliability RF performance2. Ecternal VHF antenna, and GPS antenna sealed inside toughened outer shell3. Transmit Full AIS messages4.&n..
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AIS Fishing net Tracking Buoy / AIS Identifier for small vessel + external 1.1m antenna + SOS Button

Model: HAB-150S



1. Professional reliability RF performance

2. Ecternal VHF antenna, and GPS antenna sealed inside toughened outer shell

3. Transmit Full AIS messages

4. Configurable transmit intervals , can connect to PC to programm the MMSI data, vessel name etc. data with programming kit

5. Can set up password , the MMSI and vessel name can't be changed without the password, in case product was lost or stolen, it can be easily find our once it be used.

6. Built-in rechargable battery with more than 240hours

7. High-level waterproofing protection up to IPX7

8. SOS button for safety boradcast message "MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY" (For HAB-150S only)


Proved Performance

Up to 15nm range long distance for tracking, idea for tracking small vessel or fishing net.



Wanting for an accurate location of your fishing net? Wanting to save your time and fuel to find your net?


Self developed AIS Fishing Net Tracking Buoy, allows you to get an accurate location at night, in rain, and fog. Don’t worry about losing your fishing net anymore!


HAB-150S AIS Fishing Net Tracking Buoy unit uses advanced AIS technology to transmit the combined data that include the unique ID and the position of a net. And the data can be received effectively by the vessel equipped with AIS device, then easily recognized and find back the nets with HAB-150S. Also it can avoid collision accidents by other boats.



EC62287-1: 2006-03

IEC60945: 2002

ITU-R M.1371-2


Position update:                 every 3 minutes

Working frequency:          161.975MHz / 162.025MHz

Output power:                   34.8dBm±1.5dBm

Channel bandwidth:         25 KHz

Modulation mode:            GMSK

Bit Rate:                               9600b/s±50ppm(GMSK)

Dimension:                          1260 mm x 90mm

Weight:                                0.5 KGS

Battery:                                12.6V, 4000mAh; rechargeable

Working time:                    More than 240 hours

Antenna:                             External 1.1m VHF antenna

GPS Module:                      IEC61108-1 standard

Working Environment:     -20C – 55C

Waterproofing:                        IPX7


Equipment List:

Tracking Buoy unit      

1.1m VHF antenna

Battery recharger

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