ONWA 7" inch Color LCD Marine GPS Chart Plotter KP-708

ONWA 7" inch Color LCD Marine GPS Chart Plotter  KP-708Model: KP -7087-inch LCD GPS Chart Plotter with Internal GPS Antenna Features:Easy to Operate7-inch high resolution (800x600 pixels ) LCDBuilt -in GPS Antenna , External Antenna can be used as an optionSupports Dual Mapping System : K-..
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    ONWA 7" inch Color LCD Marine GPS Chart Plotter  KP-708

    Model: KP -708

    7-inch LCD GPS Chart Plotter with Internal GPS Antenna



    1. Easy to Operate
    2. 7-inch high resolution (800x600 pixels ) LCD
    3. Built -in GPS Antenna , External Antenna can be used as an option
    4. Supports Dual Mapping System : K-Chart and C-Map


    Plotter characteristic

    Waypoint/icons:      12000 user waypoints with name, symbol

                                  3 system waypoints: MOB, Start, Cursor

                                 10 proximity waypoints

    Routes:                   Max 30 routes. And up to 170 points for each one

    Tracks:                   8000 points automatic track log:

                                 10 saved tracks (up to 8000 track points each)

                                 Let you retrace your path in both directions   

    Alarms:                  XTE, Anchor drag, arrival speed, voltage, proximity waypoint and time, AIS alarm.

    Palette:                  Normal

                                 Daylight exposed to sunlight

                                 Night in dark environment

                                 NOAA paperchart colors

    Tides:                    Tide data

    Projection:             Mercator projection

    Position format:      Degree of minutes and UTM

    Base map:             Built -in ONWA K -Chart

    External Map:        SD Cards slot for C -Map MAX and ONWA K -Chart

    User data storage:  Internal backup of user settings or external SD -card

    Plot interval:           5s to 60min 0.01nm to 10nm Automatic way

    Plotting scales:      0.001nm to 1000nm

    Nav Data:               Inputs:

                               $--GGA. $--GLL. $--GSA. $--GSV

                               $RMC, $-VTG, $-ZDA. $--VWR

                               $~VWT. $~MWD. $--VPW


                 GGA, GLL, RMC, AAM, APA.

                 APB, BOD, BWC, BWR, DBT

                 DPT, HDT, MTW, RMBTLL,

                 VTG, WPL, XTE, ZDA, ZTG,

                 ZDL, MWD, VPW, VWR, VWT,

                 Outputs for autopilot:

                   $--APB, $--BOD, $--XTE, $--APA

    Perspective View:  Onto/Off

    Celestial:            Sunrise/Sunset Moonrise/Moonset


    Power supply : 10.5 to 35V DC, current drain<1.0A at 12V



    Size:                                  243mm (H )X155mm (W )X82mm (D )

    Weight:                             0 .6 KG

    Display:                            7 -inches Color TFT day -view LCD

                                               800x600 pixels

    Input & Output Port :       one opto-isolated input Port

                                               one RS232 Output Port

    Waterproofing:                Display unit:  IPX5

    Temperature range :     Display Unit :   -15℃ to 55℃

    Antenna unit :                 -25℃ to 70℃



    GPS Receiver characteristics
    Receiver50 parallel channel GPS receiver continuously tracks and uses up to 50 satellites to compute and update your position
    Acquisition timeCold start: 60 seconds average
    Hot start45 second average
    Update rate1 /second, continuous
    Position2 .5 meters (95 %) without S /A
    Velocity0 .1 meter /sec without S /A
    Time100ns synchronized to GPS time
    DynamicsAltitude: 50 ,000m Max
    Velocity500 m/s
    Acceleration4g Max
    DatumWGS 84 and user define


    Equipment list Standard:

    1. Display unit

    2. Operator manual

    3. Installation materials and standard spare parts

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